Winter Decor in the Farmhouse Home

Winter Decor in the Farmhouse Home


Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.

~Edith Sitwell~


Ahh, take a deep breath. You made it!  The Christmas chaos is over and things have slowed to a slight hum. The hustle and bustle are no more! It's now time to settle in for a long winter's nap... oh wait, wake up, wake up... What am I thinking?!


So, I'm always interested in how people transition from Christmas to winter in their home decor. Many fly right into spring and bunnies start popping up everywhere. And eggs... and hearts, we can't forget those. And while I love all of those things, this is a time of year that I truly like to create a simple, cozy atmosphere in my home without any holiday paraphernalia.



We spend more days in than out during these months and I still like to have a nice view of things while at the same time feeling comfy and cozy. The key to winter decorating is just making everything feel cozy and nice and warm!


Here are some tips to help you on your way to create a winter feel in the home you love. Some of the photos have links to items available in my shop. 



I hope this idea comes just in the nick of time! Don’t pack up all of your Christmas decor. Keep out any little table top trees, pinecones, greenery stems, plain wreaths, antlers and even a bare Christmas tree, if you like. If you had real tree trimmings, don’t put them in the compost pile. As you’ll see in a bit, they’ll come in handy. Just pack away everything else that screams Christmas.



I prefer a neutral color palette year round. It's timeless. But I know the thought of neutral can be really scary for some. If you're not used to being without color this is a good time to experiment a little. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a designer-worthy neutral look, either. You can repurpose neutral pillows and blankets from other parts of your home in the living room for a big-impact change that costs nothing.


Add in a few baskets and natural elements while you're at it. Baskets are also cozy and when stuffed with blankets and pillows, they add a certain warmth to your room that's perfect for this cold time of year.




Adding birch logs and wood pieces brings in a rustic vibe from the wintery outdoors.



Pile up the pillows and blankets on your living room chairs and sofas. (They look good on dining chairs, too!) Throw on a sheepskin if you've got one. Turn up the texture by trading out your traditional sofa accessories and adding items with woven design, fringe detail, and more substantial cotton or wool fabrics.



Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they’re perfect all season long while on the couch snuggled up with a good book or watching movies. I don't think you can have too many cozy pillows or throws in your living areas when it's cold outside!



Decorating for the colder months to keep your place cozy doesn’t only mean doing things inside the home. Make sure people know you take the season seriously with pretty front door decor as well.  Invite guests into your cozy sanctuary the minute that they set foot on your porch. It's so gorgeous to see a pine wreath and garland around a front door during the wintertime!




In fact, your stash of Christmas decorations might also contain the perfect items for a winter display. Here's where your real tree trimmings come into play. Group them together with some deer antlers, a couple of candles, pine cones, and some citrus fruit or a pomegranate on a tray and you have a wonderfully simple, little winter tablescape. 




Cold, winter days tend to be dark and can even be downright gloomy at times. A nice way of adding light is to add metals and/or mirrors to your spaces. Whether it’s silver, gold or copper, the added shine brings lots of extra sparkle to a space. Trade out a picture for a mirror or lean one against the wall in a cozy spot. It will find the light and bounce it around to darker spots in your room.




If you have copper or shiny steel pots find a way to hang them where they are in view. They'll look pretty and it might also free up some extra storage space for you, too! 


I hope these ideas help you create a cozy, winter home. This is the time of year to enjoy your home, your family, friends, pets, all of it. Cold days, and even colder nights, are perfect for cozy, warm interiors that leave you not wanting to leave at all. Shop your other rooms and even your backyard. It honestly doesn't take much to create the home you love! 



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