About Rustic Tuesday


We are a husband and wife who think the simple life is what makes the world go round. And what could be simpler than having a home that is welcoming, cozy and nurturing to all who enter its doors?

Farmhouse living isn't just about having chickens and goats and a barn. It's also a state of mind. And one we'd like to share with everyone whether you're on a farm, or living in the city. The simple life can be yours.

To help you get there, we've carefully curated some of our favorite home furnishings and decor that we think embody the true spirit of farmhouse, country, primitive and simple living. We've also included some of the best furniture refinishing paints and tools to help you get there with what you may already have.

So, have a look around and rediscover a time when neighbors were friends, nights were quiet and family came first.