Waxwell & Waxine - King & Queen of Wax Brushes Sweet Pickins

Waxwell & Waxine - King & Queen of Wax Brushes Sweet Pickins


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**Our supplier is out of stock of Waxine, 1.5", as there is a delay from the manufacturer.  We aren’t sure at this time when it will be back in stock! **


Introducing WAXWELL & WAXINE!

Waxwell is a King Sized brush at 2".

Waxine™ is the Queen at 1.5" and was specifically designed and sized for better comfort in a woman’s hand.

Inspired by an old-fashioned shaving brush, with a shorter handle so that the brush would fit into tight areas as well as a comfortable and ergonomically designed tapered lacquered handle for long-term comfort.

The ferules are hand nailed and rust resistant. The two-inch long natural bristles are firm and resilient and designed specifically for wax. We recommend cleaning with our natural soap (Big Fat Lye or Little White Lye) and occasionally deep cleaning with low-odor mineral spirits, if needed. A care card is included with every Waxine or Waxwell brush so that you will know how to keep your brushes looking and performing great throughout countless projects.

It is recommended to use one brush for clear wax and a separate brush for dark wax.