The Prep Rethunk Junk Paint

The Prep Rethunk Junk Paint


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Prep Furniture and Cabinet Cleaner.

In addition to being the most effective furniture and cabinet cleaner on the market, The Prep is THE BEST stain getter outter – laundry pretreater – carpet spot fixer – spill eraser – grease cutter – goo getter – fabulous cleaning product ever!

And it’s now available in a 64 ounce size at incredible cost!


PREP IS NOT TSP (trisodium phosphate). TSP is a compound with a lot of different applications. Obviously, strengths vary but TSP is used as everything from a cleaner/de-greaser, a food additive, as well as an ingredient in plumbing pipes. It's used less now than it was in the past as it has been found to be harmful to the environment, washing in to and polluting rivers and lakes.  It can also stain metal fixtures in bathrooms and damage grout. It's fine to use for cleaning a piece of furniture before painting but it's just not necessary. The Prep is stronger than TSP which means it will clean just as effectively. The Prep won't adversely affect the environment. Plus, it is specifically formulated for use with our paint line.

If you're worried that it's not strong enough for your use....try it side by side with TSP and watch the difference. We think you'll be surprised! And if a surface is super "icky" try using The Prep with one of our scrubby pads. It really does put the "easy" into cleaning!