Sweet Pea Rethunk Junk Paint *** RETIRED ***

Sweet Pea Rethunk Junk Paint *** RETIRED ***


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This is a limited edition color. Available in 16oz size only!

Rethunk Junk Paint in Sweet Pea is the essence of the first leaves of spring. Great for that unique piece. This is what special looks like! 

Our fabulous Rethunk Junk by Laura Resin Paint is now better than ever. We are Resin Paint! We are so much more than the paint formulas introduced over 25 years ago!
  • No Sanding – No Priming – No Waxing!!
  • Incredible Adhesion and Maximum Durability
  • Dries From the Inside Out For Faster Cure Time
  • Stronger Weather Resistance For Outdoor Use
  • Smooth Finish
  • Still Low VOC, Super Safe, Eco Friendly

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