Paint Your Front Door Kit Rethunk Junk Paint

Paint Your Front Door Kit with Rethunk Junk Paint


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Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Painting your front door is one of those little things that can completely change the look of your home and greatly increase your curb appeal.

Our Paint Your Front Door Kit includes all the products you need to create a whole new look for your home using Rethunk Junk by Laura Resin Paint. The resin paint dries to a hard finish that will give your door a new lease on life that will last years. But really, with the ease of use of the paint and the beautiful palette of available colors, who doesn't want a new door color each year?

The kit includes the following:

CLEAN - The Prep 8oz - Cleaner Extraordinaire! Spray this on your door first to clean and prep it for the resin paint. In addition to being the most effective furniture and cabinet cleaner on the market, Prep is THE BEST stain "getter outter" – laundry pretreater – carpet spot fixer – spill eraser – grease cutter – goo getter – fabulous cleaning product ever!

COLOR - Resin Paint 16oz - Choose the color you love. This paint covers "oh so well" and dries fast to a hard finish.

PROTECT - Tuff Top 8oz - The final step adds a layer of protection for your paint color, protecting it from weather and wear and tear. Tuff Top gives your door just that, a "tuff" coat of protection.


So get excited! Take a look at the colors, pick your favorite and order your kit today. A new change is just a brush stroke away...