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DIY Industrial Pipe Side End Accent Table Metal Frame Pipe Furniture Kit

DIY Industrial Pipe Side End Accent Table Metal Frame Pipe Furniture K

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The same versatile lightweight pipe side table just without the wood! Get the chance to explore your hidden DIY talents with our Houston DIY Side Table Kit and create a side table that melds style with purpose. It can amplify any bedroom office or living space with its unique mix of urban industrial and vintage tones. This side table was designed with you in mind! Its lightweight and durable easy to move as needed and arrives at your doorstep with 100% recyclable packaging for a lifetime of enjoyment!
Experience the benefits of lightweight pipes and fittings boasting a next-to-none industrial chic finish while creating something unique with a table top that showcases your own style. Whether its reclaimed refinished or repainted wood constructing with our kit will help you produce a small-scale side table ideal for todays urban living spaces and tiny homes. Get two for either side of your bed or sofa and enjoy the look of quality style and symmetry. Throw a couple of lamps on each or decorate with books plants or a number of other personal statements. With recyclable metals and 100% recyclable packaging your home and planet are sure to beam a healthy smile of approval! *Note: This product does not include wood surfaces. The customer must provide their own wood.

Post an image on social media of your Houston DIY Side Table Kit using #myfpdesign and the manufacturer will plant seven trees on your behalf in areas affected by extreme deforestation such as Madagascar Haiti Indonesia Mozambique and Nepal.
Furniture Pipeline DIY kits are designed SPECIFICALLY for the given design shown. Follow all safety guidelines for your tools equipment and supplies. DO NOT disregard Furniture Pipeline’s guideline on design capabilities and structural safety. The pipes and fittings included in our New Age DIY Kits are not designed for plumbing or pressurized use. IMPORTANT: (1) Each Flange (wall/table connector) when properly mounted can hold up to 10LB NO MORE. (2) When wall mounting DO NOT extend over 12" from the wall (3) Any design over 30" tall MUST be properly secured to a wall for safety. Please be careful when you are working on your projects.
Care of Fine Finishes for Indoor Wood and metal Furniture. Finishes are resistant to minor everyday hazards; however some precautions are necessary to maintain the beauty of your wood furniture:-Dust with a soft clean cloth slightly moistened with water and dry completely with another clean cloth always rubbing with the grain.-Avoid contact with cigarettes hot dishes and harsh solvents such as nail polish alcohol and moisture.-Use pads beneath accessories and when writing or eating.-Remove spills and smudges immediately.-Do not leave pliable plastic materials on a wood surface; they can damage the finish.-Do not place furniture near heat outlets windows or in direct sunlight.