Autumn and Nurturing the Soul

Melody Lynn

fall decorating, quilts, chunky sweaters, autumn leaves


There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

Jane Austen


This is the time of year that we get a little bit more relaxed and a lot more casual. That's true for both dress and home! The cooler weather coaxes us to bring out our chunky sweaters, cute boots, warm socks and settle in with a steaming mug of hot cocoa. And in the home, candle scents and accent colors become warmer and spicier, reflecting the season. In some cases, more pillows seem to show up, too!

We have many bedding and home decor collections that will work well in your fall styled home. The colors and coziness factor with our Burlap and Sawyer Mill lines are a perfect fit for fall! And if you're looking for warm throws, we have many to choose from in both quilted and lighter varieties.

Here are five tips to create a fall home that will nurture your soul:

  1. Bring in items from the outdoors. A grouping of seed pods, colored leaves, a bowl of acorns, or a cotton bunch, all of these will add character, texture and interest to your rooms.
  2. Use warmer colors in your textiles and pillows. We tend to gravitate toward classic orange colors this time of year, pumpkins anyone, but you can go softer with pale oranges, soft browns and creams.
  3. Bring out the texture! Pull out your thicker throws and bedding. While the cooler air dictates these measures, their presence in your rooms will contribute to the fall ambiance adding comfort, texture and warmth.
  4. Use warmer scents in your essential oil diffusers or burn spicier scented candles. Scents like apple cinnamon, warm vanilla and pumpkin spice bring a richness to the air in your home. Effusing your home in these types of scents will add a nice backdrop to everything you do.
  5. Use white. Don't be afraid of the color white this time of year. It is clean and adds a softness to all the warm colors that are being introduced. You can use white or cream in your pillows, throws, bedding and chippy white decor. It will add a richness to your fall decorating style.

We hope this inspires you to create a warm, comfortable and nurturing home! What are some of the ways you prepare your home for fall?



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  • anna rozetti: September 24, 2019

    i love the smell of cloves in the fall time. i burn them in a pot on the stove with some water and cinnamen sticks.

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